Pao Tao porcelain industry is a high-end brand under the banner of China pottery industry. The production base is located in the ancient city of beautiful and rich Chaozhou. The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters. It mainly produces bone porcelain ROYAL BONE CHINA, Longde porcelain ROYAL WARE and strengthening porcelain STRENGTHEN PORCELAIN, which are widely used in more than 6350 styles. High grade hotels and homes are the leading brands of ceramics in China's ceramic tableware industry.

Pottery has always been responsible for firing fine porcelain, inheriting the Millennium kiln fire of Chinese ceramics, and constantly promoting innovation, leading the new trend of ceramic tableware. The pottery products are sold all over the world, and more and more famous restaurants and restaurants prefer to use pottery in China and abroad. At present, there are HELLO KITTY, Tajikistan presidential palace, presidential office of Mali and the presidential office of Equatorial Guinea.

Pottery ceramics Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. We always adhere to the "guest - oriented, attentive service" business philosophy to treat every customer, and with integrity, strength and quality of the product industry recognition.

Pottery is also in the domestic counterparts to the customer to take the lead in the "double package" commitment, that is: customers in a week of warehousing more than 3% of the goods breakage bags supply, quality issues package replacement. The pioneering spirit of the company stems from the service concept and execution of scientific management process of "Tao's" respect for guests and serve for the heart ".

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Guangdong sent ceramics co., LTD

Showroom address: send tao: guangzhou panyu district letter shaxi hotel supplies city shop E144-149

Tao: in guangzhou panyu district area I believe base shaxi hotel supplies city 96-98

Telephone: send tao: 020-39232998

In the tao: 020-39921120

Factory address: chaozhou Ann area float (3) the town beauty crown right 0768-6804688 industrial zone




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