[August 2015] the series of glory is listed and the original North American fashion is presented. The product takes the lead in integrating the concept of intelligence into the product design, opening a new chapter of the intelligent furniture in Europe and America.

In January 2016, the brand logo of the newly upgraded design was officially launched, which sounded the brand new process of integration and innovation.

[March 2016] series of grand listing, products adhering to the full wood exquisite craft, the perfect present "real wood new technology, cost-effective modern American furniture" product features.

In May 2016, a series of European and American independent experience shops were launched. The first European and American independent experience shop was in Huangshi, Hubei. It marked the position of the brand of solid wood furniture in Europe and America.

[August 2016] the launch of the new European and American whole house customization project marked the extension of Saint's castle to the specialized whole house customization area.

[March 2017] launched the "comfort 3" system of European and American furniture, giving the European and American furniture the brand new "comfort" definition and product design concept.

[July 2017] the new production workshop was formally put into operation, and officially began to be used as a series of names of customized products.

[August 2017] the original "China" brand series was officially renamed the "Jane" brand series.

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