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The professional design services

The experienced professional designer will provide you with your home style and layout according to your drawings or the size of your door-to-door measurement, and provide professional advice for your home furnishings, and help select the most suitable furniture for you.

The tailor-made for you

If you want to make our furniture very suitable for your home layout and space size, we can tailor the most suitable furniture for you according to your actual requirements and sizes.

The experiential design ahead of schedule.

According to the most appropriate proportion, our professional designers will use advanced computer technology to make a professional effect map for you, so that you can fully understand and feel the space use and visual effect of the future home before buying the furniture.

The free delivery and installation

We provide door-to-door and free installation services for the stores located inside and outside the city. You can only enjoy the free door-to-door installation service if you live in the outer suburbs.

The one year warranty and lifetime maintenance

According to the requirements of the state, we take a unified "Three Guarantees" service for the goods sold. At the same time, we guarantee 20 years of credibility and provide life-long maintenance services. If furniture is out of warranty, we can help solve it. You only need to pay the cost of accessories.

It is free of charge within one year and a

If you need to move furniture or dismantling in one year, we can help disassemble the furniture free of charge and send the furniture to the designated place for cleaning and maintenance, and reload it free of charge once.

I regularly visit continuous service

We will visit you regularly to know how you use the furniture we sell, and will send you the preferential information in time when the preferential activities are held.


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