Guangzhou pazhou expo exhibition opened today, paitao gastronomy beautiful ware wonderful appearance

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From September 7 to 9, guangzhou pazhou exhibition of "delicious food and wares" was held in grand style today

Well-known enterprises, guangdong PI tao will bring new products to this hotel supplies exhibition, will give you a bright vision

Experience. Looking forward to your arrival, One Belt And One Road and you to discuss development.

Exhibition venue: guangzhou pazhou pavilion 3.1 pavilion 283


Our elaborately designed venue has abundant products, novel and unique display forms, and more wonderful on-site demonstration.

You can not only enjoy the visual feast brought by delicious food, but also taste delicious food on site. The facts

On, from ancient times to the use of tableware, participation in the wrong and neat uniform is parallel. According to time, place,

Different specifications and dishes, intelligent chefs often change tableware, trying to vary from time to time, from person to person, from scene to scene,

Because of the seat but different, give a person the aesthetic feeling on the vision.

Guangdong PI tao, focus on providing star - class hotel tableware. It is also an artist of tableware matching. Multielement is our attitude,

From Japan and Korea to Jane ou, from Chinese to western. Guangdong pie pottery for you to provide a complete set of tableware matching program.

It is worth mentioning that a large number of customers came to visit, not only attracted a large number of foreign friends to experience the scene, making the atmosphere of the exhibition

Very active, and more importantly, show our spirit and high degree of social attention.

Guangdong pie pottery in response to the national One Belt And One Road call to push Chinese ceramic tableware to One Belt And One Road country!

Gain more recognition, let more consumers know about guangdong pie pottery, let more customers believe us, at the same time let

More partners join us.

The 16th guangzhou pa exhibition of 2018, September 7-9, guangzhou pazhou pavilion 3.1 pavilion 283, guangdong peitao for you

There is an artistic feast of tableware.

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